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I’m alive organic kombucha

A corporation that creates health and happiness.

Research and development

NO.1The very first in Asia!  The largest!  The large-amount production facility is completely furnished.

I’m Alive Kombucha is completely equipped with a large amount production facility that is the very first and the largest-sized in Asia.  Here, the whole process of ‘the extraction – the fermentation – the maturing – the mixing- the processing’, which is needed for making kombucha, is independently managed.  And, especially, it has been receiving the recognition with the devoted and careful manufacturing to the extent that it completes the fermentation, which is the most core process of kombucha, in 506 hours and over around 21 days.

BESTThe method of the fermentation of kombucha, which received the Best Patent.

In kombucha, it is full of the many ingredients that are beneficial to our body.  Among them, too, the reason why I’m Alive Kombucha is special is because of the excellent fermentation method.  It has been produced at a manufacturing facility that has a technological ability that can materialize the top quality of kombucha because the sugar acids and the DSL ingredient increase.
(Patent No. 10-1918643)