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A corporation that creates health and happiness.

CEO’s Message

A corporation that creates health and happiness.

How are you? I sincerely thank all of you, who are visiting the Freshico Co., Ltd. homepage.

Freshico Co., Ltd. is a food and beverages corporation that pursues the health and well-being of the customers through the unceasing innovation and by developing the creative beverages products.

With Dongyang Agricultural and Fisheries Co., Ltd., which set sail in July 1984, as the mother’s womb, and, until reaching today, based on the process technology and quality competitiveness that had taken place for over 30 years, it has been achieving the stable growth and development that are based on the B2B corporation that produces the fruit jams, the syrups, the egg yolks, etc. for the use with the fermented milk, which are the raw materials that go into the semisolid yoghurt.

What is even more, regarding Freshico Co., Ltd., in order to lead the beverages market through the development of the naturally fermented beverages, through the traditional and original fermentation technology of Buchi Kombucha in the United States, with which it tied up a technological affiliation, and the R&D innovation technology of Freshico Co., Ltd., it got around to producing kombucha, which is a naturally fermented beverage, in earnest, while having a high-tech factory facility at the estate of the Iksan Food Cluster in April 2018.

As a global health trend beverage that is considered to be an ‘immunity food’ in the North American market and as a beverage of which the detoxification, anti-cancer, and diet effects are extraordinary, kombucha is a beverage that has already been spreading in the whole world with North America at the head. 

By going further, regarding Freshico Co., Ltd., continuing from the preexistent, raw material product for the use with the fermented milk that is based on the B2B, through kombucha, which is a naturally fermented beverage, by entering the B2C market, it intends to make a leap to become a corporation that is even more innovative and of which the profitability is high. 

Through the high-tech kombucha production facility, of which the construction was completed by carrying out the large-sized facility investment at the Iksan National Food Cluster in April 2018 and through the technological fermentation ability that is unrivaled in the industry, by producing the innovative products that have the diverse tastes and functions, we will attempt a new leap.  Freshico Co., Ltd., which endeavors to provide the best products and services based on the love above the foundation of the human beings and the natural environment, will always endeavor to become a corporation that is preferred by the customers, a corporation regarding which the customers are satisfied, and a corporation regarding which the customers are emotionally moved by developing the leading food and beverage products through the unceasing research and the continuous innovation in the future, too.

Thank you.

​Representative Director of Freshico Co., Ltd.